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In this ebook, I shared my personal journey on how I started a business with my family while working abroad. Our family business have now grown from one store  on a table outside the house to over 40 stores in the Philippines .

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Thank you for your mentorship, support and encouragement. I appreciate your hard work and never giving up on us who believe in online enterpreneurship. More Power and God bless you Truly Great Mentor.


Ailyn Wikner

OFW in Sweden

An optimistic , smart, strong, versatile, goal driven, inspiring , humble woman. And most of all — a beauty inside and out. An amazing coach that people would always look up to. Your energy, positivity is contagious. 😍


Aizy Borrel

Mompreneur from Australia

Crestine is a wonderful woman that I always look up to! My mentor and a very good friend.


Aisha Ronquillo

Registered Nurse in New Zealand

You are an inspiration seriously. You have proved that things can be done as an OFW. It's great that we are in a community of people who help us, inspire us and us give strength to keep on going.


Pat Jules

Teacher from Seychelles

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