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What Will Your Kids Talk About When They Grow Up?

I so so love picnics.But we don’t do this as a family in the Philippines…Not sure why???…So I just imagine it as a kid like what I see in movies.

We had a picnic @ the Carson farm where Andrew grew up as a kid. 🧒 We really enjoyed the expansive view of the farm.Mixed of browns and greens.

Picnic mat under the tree,picnic basket,traditional bacon and egg pie made by Sandra 🥧 Afghan cookies and ginger nut chocolate goodies. Nothing so fancy but it’s real treat for us!😍😘 Thank you Sandra and Graham.

Andrew never ran out of stories to tell.Chasing cows and sheep and rolling down the hills.🏕 He even sang his childhood song!!😂

And guess what,he didn’t complain opening the farm gates at all like he used to when he was a kid. “It’s Jo’s turn or it’s Toni’s turn..😅

He said he was used as a child labour 😂 It was hard work and so he decided he didn’t want to be a farmer. He had a chance to enjoy pet lambs,cows,horses,farm tractors and quad bikes. In a real farm not a lifestyle block.Sounds like great childhood growing in a huge farm.

And so I wondered?What will the kids today talk about in the future about their childhood memories? Youtubes and Snapchats?

I’m not against technology at all as it has it’s great use .I’m a Technology Advocate myself as I wanted that Laptop Lifestyle and it’s really really great for business but as Sandra always remind me because I tend to work work work , we got to find that balance. Go out and be close to the nature and spend some quality time with your loved ones. #thetrulyrichlifestyle

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