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What Is Active and Passive Income? And Why You Need Both To Become Truly Rich

At 24, I feel so blessed to have the opportunity work as a Registered Nurse in New Zealand. I was so happy since at 24; I started earning 6 digits (it means more than P100,000) per month. I thought I could do anything I want like help my family, travel, and buy the things that I want, but I guess my expectations are so high. Sure it made a big difference in my life when my income increased almost 20x compared to what I earned in the Philippines, but I notice I’m still living a pay- check to pay- check lifestyle. I did not know anything about investments before, so I started to learn about and educated myself financially. Luckily, my sister shared with me about the Truly Rich Club founded by Bro. Bo Sanchez, I’ve slowly understood how to grow my finances through ACTIVE and PASSIVE INCOME, and I want to share what I’ve learned to you.


It’s the income we get as an employee. It means we exchange our time and energy to get it. Like me, I work as a nurse; I have to go to work and do an 8-hour shift, so I’ll get paid for it. Working as a nurse means a lot of hard work not just physically but mentally, and emotionally.


Passive income means something we earn without the use of our time and energy. It means we earn money without being around. Examples for these are time stock market, real estate investments through rentals or reselling properties, traditional business ( when your employee works for you while you’re on holiday), or internet business ( when your computer and other systems works for you while you’re away and spending time with your family)

Here’s my question, which one do you have? According to my mentor, the only way to become wealthy in the future is to have passive income.

My Journey to Passive Income

4 years ago, I only had one source of income ( my job as a nurse), and at that time I was happy and content about it. I was enjoying my life and happy with my job. I love being a nurse, and it’s such a rewarding job, I touch other people’s lives. I also have savings in the bank. In just 2 years, I saved quite a lot while working as a nurse in New Zealand but on my first holiday in the Philippines; I managed to spend all my savings in just one month shopping, dining, and a bit of holiday with my family. It was nice and I had so much fun to spend time with them but them after my holiday, I came back to New Zealand. Back to reality, I said this too like many people after 4-6 weeks of vacation. I realized I splurged and spent all my savings and ended up having debts in my credit card. I’m back to zero again. I had a big realization after that holiday. I asked myself, what if I do this every year? Does it mean I’m not gooing anywhere after my years of hard work? So I thought I must do something about it. No wonder I’ve heard a lot of stories of OFWs who went home after 10 years of working abroad, and they’re broke? How could that possibly happen? The answer is clear for me! Saving money is NOT enough. So I did my research and consulted some people that can help me improve my finances. Then I found my best mentor who changed my life for good- Bro. Bo Sanchez. Through the Truly Rich Club, I’ve learned a lot of great lessons in life- not just financially but spiritually. He made me feel confident that I will retire as a multi-millionaire and not a broke OFW. Now I have few source of passive income streams like stock market investing, online marketing, real estate, and small businesses. These are not big time at all, and it’s not giving me a big amount of money every day yet, but I’m sure these will grow over time. I can retire at 45 I guess. 🙂 So start your journey to passive income as soon as possible before it’s too late.


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