Unlock The Inner Diplomat In You And Become A Volunteer Ambassador

This is Your Chance to Work With  New Zealand-Philippine Ambassador Gary Domingo and the Embassy 

Are you passionate about helping people and you wanna pursue some meaningful projects that will help make the world a better place? Then  if you are, you’re  a good fit to be a VOLUNTEER Ambassador or #VAMBA.

You Can Pursue Your Advocacies Through  



     What is the benefit of being a #VAMBA/#YAMBA ?

It helps to realize your purpose in life – and to help change the world. It expands your Network of Friends & Professional Contacts, gives Learning & Life Lessons, new Credentials and Volunteer Experiences, and develops your Leadership. UD training and work will be recorded in a “Universal Diplomacy  (UD) Passport” – a sort of transcript, which will be of use for education, training and employment purposes. Like Boy Scouts Scouts/ Girl Guides, UD has a system of achievement badges and recognition medals.



What Is Universal Diplomacy?

Vision The 5 P’sThe realization of a Planet of People living in Peace, Prosperity and with Purpose – through UD.


Universal Diplomacy  is the 8Cs, to develop Universal Diplomats, who are Global Citizens > who pursue Advocacies: Causes, Communities, Commerce, > through Actions: Connecting (concepts and people) / Convening (prospective partners) / Catalyzing (ideas and opportunities) / Creating (concrete projects).


Multiculturalism, Migrants & Diaspora, Sustainable Development Goals, Human Security, Climate Change & Environment, Disaster Risk Reduction & Management / Civil Defence, Community Policing & Public Safety, Gender & White Ribbon (vs Domestic Violence)


Philippines, New Zealand and Pasifika Cities & Local Authorities, Civic Organisations (Rotary, Lions, Jaycees), Faith-Based Communities, Philippine Cultural Communities, Anglosphere, Pasifika, Ibero Asia-Pacific, Cebuanos, Ilocanos, Bicolanos and many more.



Tourism ( Philippines and New Zealand), Trade, Technology, Investment, Agriculture (TITTA) Promotion, Social Enterprise, Business Networking.

Who are the Volunteer Ambassadors and Youth Ambassadors (#VAMBA/#YAMBA) ? 

UD holds that all persons can be diplomats. Some diplomats are full-time professionals, such as the Ambassador and Embassy staff.

Other persons, who are working in other fields but can devote some time to part-time and voluntary diplomatic activities, can become “Volunteer Ambassadors” or #VAMBA.

Those who are students or below 18 years of age can become “Youth Ambassadors” or #YAMBAs. #VAMBAs and #YAMBAs are trained by Embassy and UD Mentors, and choose among Causes, Communities and Commerce.

How Can I Become A Volunteer Ambassador?

Step One:Undergo the basic Universal Diplomacy Orientation

Step Two:Discuss with Embassy which Cause, Community or Commerce (or Combination) Advocacy to pursue

Step Three:Develop & Implement a UD Work Plan with your UD Mentor

 How much time & effort do #VAMBAs/#YAMBAs have to give ?

It is entirely up to you, depending on your available time and interest. This will be worked out in your Universal Diplomacy Work Plan. We would love to work with us so you can pursue your advocacies into practice and clear activities. 

RECENTS UPDATES as of May 2019 for  NEW #VAMBA and #YAMBA Directions and Activities

#VAMBA and #YAMBA will now be more streamlined. Henceforth candidates and members are to undertake the following practical and clear activities. The lists are drawn up for members in NZ, for those in the Philippines adjust accordingly and practically. Non-Filipinos are also welcome to join. Further guidelines and details on the specific activities will follow.

Volunteer Ambassador #VAMBA

1. Orientation: Undergo #VAMBA Orientation

2. Voting: Encourage and help other (a) Filipinos to register to vote in the upcoming 2022 PH elections and (b) Filipino-Kiwis to register and vote in upcoming NZ 2019 local and 2020 national elections.

3. Politics: Join and be active in a NZ political party and / or the activities of your District / City Council, and (b) Support Filipino candidates running for office in NZ.

4. Multicultural: Join the Multicultural New Zealand – International Volunteer Network (#MNZIVN)

5. Assistance to Nationals: Support the #PostArrivalOrientationSeminar Network and Activities.

6. Tourism: Promote Filipino Tourism among Friends, Officemates, Workmates, Schoolmates, Neighbours.

7. Filipino Culture: Promote Filipino Language and Culture by taking, teaching or supporting the #FilipinoLanguageCultureProgrammeNZ (#FLCPNZ), and help develop and teach advanced #FLCPNZ Modules on your Philippine region or province or town.

8. Pacific Culture: Learn basics of the languages and cultures of the Maori and at least one other Pacific culture.

9. Business: Promote a particular Philippine-made product among Friends, Officemates, Workmates, Schoolmates, Neighbours.

10. Sustainability: Advocate and do projects to promote one particular UN Sustainable Development Goal.

11. Resilience: Be aware of and support your local NZ Civil Defence Community Hub.

12. Gender: Join the Embassy’s #GenderAndDevelopment, #WhiteRibbonNZ or related Gender- Campaigns

13. Profiles: Prepare a written profile about yourself, and prepare profiles about other Filipino Kiwis (at least four a year).

14. Institutional: Support the #DiplomaticLeague or join the #DiplomaticChamber network.

15. Multilateralism: Learn basics of the United Nations and ASEAN, and be able to give short talks on them.

16. Diplomacy: Learn basics of Diplomacy, Philippine Diplomacy and Universal Diplomacy, and be able to give short talks on them.

17. Own Advocacy: Prepare a #VAMBA module about your particular advocacy (Cause, Community or Commerce) and encourage other #VAMBA to support it !

Youth Ambassador


1. Undergo #YAMBA Orientation and #FilipinoLanguageCultureProgrammeNZ (#FLCPNZ).

2. Partnership: Have your school or club or group join the #YAMBA network and forge at least one partnership with a Philippine school / club / group.

3. #VirtualMerienda: Group chat with your Philippine Partner via internet at least weekly, and develop and exchange YouTube videos.

4. #VirtualEskwela: Advanced #VirtualMerienda activity, teach the #FLCPNZ to other NZ students / schools, and help develop and teach advanced modules on New Zealand and Pacific languages and cultures for your PH counterparts.

5. #VirtualSariSariStore: Promote a particular Philippine-made product to be sourced from your Philippine partner (and/or design a product to be produced by your Philippine partner) and sell among NZ Friends, Schoolmates and Neighbours.

6. House System: Introduce the House System of student organisation in Philippine Schools, to supplement or replace elected Student Councils.

7. Conferences: Participate in and help develop the following Conferences in NZ or Virtually:

a. ASEAN-NZ Youth Conference

b. Young Kiwi Filipinos Leadership Conference

c. Filipino-Pacific Youth Conference

d. #DiplomaticLeague Conference

For further information contact: jesus.domingo @dfa.gov.ph

Jesus ” Gary  Domingo 

Philippine Ambassador to New Zealand, Cook Islands, Fiji, Niue, Samoa &Tonga

 My goal is to achieve progressively higher levels of responsibility in diplomatic career and to contribute substantially to international relations education and civic voluntarism.

Ambagary Domingo

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