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They Will Make You Believe In Magic


In the Philippines, magic performances are very much appreciated as these serve as a source of temporary enjoyment and laughter amidst stress and strife, and remain as permanent vivid and fond memories in our book of life.

It is also interesting to know that, in New Zealand, there are magicians that regard “magic” as not merely an art or a profession, but a means to extend help to the less fortunate. This kind of generosity can be viewed as our magicians’ instrument in translating their talents into acts of kindness that may make a difference in the lives of many, particularly of the most vulnerable sector of society—our children.

Here’s the good news: Caring for Humanity International (CHI) Foundation is teaming up with the Brotherhood of Auckland Magicians (BAM) for a fundraising activity to garner support for projects that the foundation is currently doing, and will soon organize, to help progressing countries.

The said activity is on the 30th of October, 4:30 p.m., Auckland time. Five highly-skilled members of the BAM will share their valuable time and exceptional talents to bring joy and thrill to all our participants and guests. It will be a day full of “Tricky Treats”—a special moment where magic comes to make hearts smile and give hopeful souls a leap of joy.

Apart from them good heart, here are a few facts about them:

  • The Brotherhood was founded in 1945. It is the Association that gives the “Grand Masters of Magic Award,” the highest award that a New Zealand Magician can give to deserving magicians;
  • The BAM is composed of both professional and semi-professional magicians;
  • Its main goal is to promote goodwill, mutual respect, and cooperation among New Zealand’s active performing magicians; and
  • The organization fosters respect and loyalty for the personal inventions, specialties and routines of their fellow magicians.

Surely, not only CHI Foundation, but also the kids with their parents in South Auckland are more than excited about this event and we cannot wait for the Brotherhood of Auckland Magicians to be one with us in making our spectators happy and in fulfilling our dream of uplifting the conditions of abused, abandoned, and poor children in the Philippines as well as those victims of fire, calamities, war and violence in the communities we serve.

To our fellows from the BAM, namely, Andy Wonder Magician, Super Trixie, Mick Peck, Ken The Clown and Sean O’Shea: We give you our deepest thanks and our proudest standing ovation. Thank you for the empathy, for your brilliance and for the love. You truly are great and admirable. Confidently, you are world-class magicians with a heart!

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