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Cheap Yet So Romantic Valentines

My V day started horrible yesterday because I said something hurtful the night before and made him so upset and we argued and argued…I chose to apologize and swallow my pride but I still end up with an anger outburst. It’s a great thing that I recently watched Bro Bo’s “#HurtAttack” Feast Series last week and I’ve learned from the talk that most of our pain are self-inflicted. I’m guilty that I set myself up to be hurt so I’ve decided I’ll set myself up to be happy instead…One way is to appreciate and magnify the good things around you because there’s many rather looking at what’s wrong…I recommend you watch the video if you wanna be happier each day. I posted the link below.They also talked about PRIDE…it’s A KILLER. PRIDE can kill our JOY, it can kill our PEACE, and it can KILL our MARRIAGE, And thought that really hard and it’s true…so think about yourself…To my artist and design engineer Derisly Andrew Carson, I love you and I appreciate you.I’m sorry if I have a bitchy face sometimes….Thank you for the 3D heart and for sketching my face and turning me into a Vietnamese girl…It’s not costly yet so romantic…Perfect for my #cheapdates blog

I posted Hurt Attack Feast Video below if you want to watch it. If you like the video and want to be more involve , join the Light of Jesus Community , visit their website and check if The Feast near you. There’s 200 plus all over the world.

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Hurt Attack Talk 1 : HISTORY

Hurt Attack : Valentine’s Special

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