Great News For Filipino Nurses 

After 2 years of putting hard work; passion, time and resources into this, I'm finally launching my eBook .

My 10 years of life experience working and living in New Zealand as a nurse with Tourist Visa to Dual Citizenship, as well as my Nurse To Entrepreneur journey and everything in between! You can check the detailed content below.

I want to say thank you for all of you who inspired me to put this project together

It All  Started With A Problem

“For the last few years, hundreds of Filipino Nurses Came To New Zealand On A Longer And More Expensive Pathway. The Worst, Some of Them Realized They Can’t Even Work As A Registered Nurse in New Zealand and they've been through a lot of struggles and challenges".

Thanks to our NZ Phil Ambassador for unlocking the inner diplomat in me. I have come up with this short FREE Quick Guide to help other nurses avoid getting into the wrong pathway without a clue.

Here's What's In The BOOK

To All Of You Who Inspired Me To Write This Book 

 I Want To Acknowledge You With All My Heart

To the future readers,

I personally want to thank you for taking the time read this book and learn from my life journey as a nurse in New Zealand for over 10 years. It's  a roller coaster ride for the last 10 years; crazy, daring, exciting and fun for sure. I had lots of ups and downs yet I see the beauty of it. This book is dedicated to Filipino Nurses as I share my journey as a nurse in New Zealand, but can also be helpful to anyone planning to work and live in New Zealand.

First of all, I would want to thank our New Zealand Philippine Ambassador Gary Domingo as well as MP Paulo Garcia for being the catalyst by sparking the inner diplomat in me to get this project started. I am grateful as  well for their on-going  support. 

For Chi Foundation and my former volunteer chisters ( sisters) ,Lovely, Aisha,Lynie and Robina and to all Filipino organizations and communities in New Zealand who worked with us on our volunteering days. Special mention to Club Filipino Tauranga.

To Kuya Dennis Panes Magcalas for his pure heart and bravery to help Filipinos in New Zealand.

To Emon Merca, admin of Pinoy Nurses in New Zealand and his friends, especially Xanthi Sal for tirelessly answering questions in the group. As well as Meldz Opanes-Kircher ,admin of Pinoys in NZ for her passion of serving. These groups has definitely helped me put this book together as I see different challenges of Filipinos journey to New Zealand.

To all my friends in New Zealand, special mention to Danika, Mary Jane, Victoria, Chinky, Julia, Jenny, Chum, Veronica, Mommy Julie, Ate Amay and Dave as some of their stories and their experiences are in this book.

To Hannah, the first Filipino nurse who read this book while it is still on draft. Thank you for your gratitude and encouragement to get it out there so it could help more Filipinos.

More importantly, I wish to thank my family, especially my parents ,Daddy Anen and Mommy Edna for working hard to give me a better future and to all my sisters for inspiring me to work hard.

To my gorgeous Kiwi husband Andrew and my Kiwi family, especially Sandra. Through their dedication to editing and their support in making sure I finally finished this project. They also made me enjoy New Zealand at its finest.

To all my mentors especially Bro. Bo Sanchez for inspiring me to write just like him and use the internet to reach more people. Through your teaching, you helped me become a better version of myself and share my life journey to bless others.

To beautiful New Zealand, for opening your doors to us immigrants to serve and make this country our second home. And to it’s government who put out amazing information to help us with out journey.

And lastly, I want to thank God for giving me the gift of life and all the blessings, big or small. My heart is full of gratitude each day.

Here’s what NZ Philippine Ambassador Gary Domingo says about this guide. 

Very proud and impressed ! This is an important and valuable resource which will help many. ”

- Ambagary Domingo

I have also  written “Registered Nurse Income VS. Cost of Living in New Zealand” – the best way to know for you if it is really worth going abroad and how to get ahead afterwards as a Overseas Filipino Nurse, even if you’re just starting in a new country! 

Here’s what’s inside:

Average monthly income ( minus the government tax ) for a Registered Nurse without New Zealand experience.

Average monthly expenses including accommodation, food, utility bills and shopping

How much you can SAVE monthly after monthly expenses?

Better places to live in New Zealand to reduce cost of living and save.

How To Save And Achieve Your Goal As An Overseas Filipino Nurse in New Zealand using friendly templates and tools designed for living in New Zealand.

​How To Get Ahead Fast and How You Can Eventually Shift From Full Time Employment To Entrepreneur.

I shared how I helped my family TO build a business in the PHILIPPINES while working full time as a nurse.

 You won’t believe it's possible but I did, I shared the HOW's and the WHY'S in this book. “How I Stopped The Habit of Remittance Yet Helped My Family More"

If you're in New Zealand for few years now and you feel like you're feeling stuck with the cycle of working, paying the bills and you feel like you're not getting ahead fast, these books are just perfect for you.

OR MAYBE  you always get so many QUESTIONS from your relatives and friends about How To WORK and LIVE in New Zealand, this is a perfect gift for them!!

My goal is to reach as many Filipino Nurses who may be planning to work and live in New Zealand avoid getting false information from wrong consultants and agencies by using the power of the internet.

I have put so much work  to put this project together and battled with my fear. It takes a lot of courage to write this  and  get it out there and be open to criticism because through experience, I know that NO MATTER WHAT WE DO WITH A GREAT PURPOSE, some people will always have something negative to say.  Most of them are those people who are unhappy with their lives.

I hope that's not you.

I've been bashed before even though my intentions are pure. 

So I'm praying that  through these books, many Filipinos will be saved from unnecessary hardships and challenges and it will help them enjoy this beautiful country more as they make it their second home.


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