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Before you decide to join the Truly Rich Club, you should read this.

Before you decide to join the Truly Rich Club, you should read this.

I have been a member of the Truly Rich Club for almost 3 years now and I just can’t stop saying this, again and again, it’s been life changing for me.  At first, I was just interested in the Stock Market investing in the Philippines. I’m an OFW.  I worked as a Registered Nurse in New Zealand and after 2 years of working hard and away from home, I look back and came to realize that I actually never had proper investments. Where did all my hard earned money go? I asked myself. I was able to help my family in many ways and I was able to save in the bank but  I end up spending it all in one go on my first vacation in the Philippines. I spent t P500,000 including credit card use for my 4 weeks holiday in the Philippines. That was my whole year of  savings plus I have to pay my credit card debts when I came back to New Zealand. This is a very common scenario for most Filipinos working abroad. And I’ve heard a lot of sad stories OFW going back home and still broke after many years of working hard, being away from the family and sacrificing to work abroad.  I didn’t want that to happen to me so I’ve  looked for answers.  Luckily, I heard about the Truly Rich Club from my sister and I decided to join.  The benefits that I got from the club are just priceless. I did not just grow my investments and finances. It also  made me  a better person, more loving and giving. It made my whole life so much better, practically all aspect of it.  That’s my personal experience.  Here are some more stories from Filipinos around the world in their website.

But  before you decide to join, you should know this.

1.Truly Rich Club is NOT  an Investment Club or Company.  It’s a Membership Club.

It’s a Membership Club  founded by Bo Sanchez, he’s a Filipino  millionaire missionary. Truly Rich Club’s mission is to HELP  GOOD PEOPLE BECOME RICH. The club already helped so many Filipinos all over the world and taught them how to invest for their future. It’s amazing how it touched my life and changed my mind-set  just through the online materials I get from my membership such as videos, audio power talks, ebooks and books, CDs and I met a lot of mentors online too.They are real people who’re willing to help and guide.  Of course, I took time and effort to read the materials I got and applied what I’ve learned.

2.Truly Rich Club WILL NEVER ask for your money to be invested in the stock market.

They only teach  and guide ordinary people  that it is possible to  invest  and grow your money in the stock market . You do it all by yourself with their guidance through the access of SAM  if you’re a member.  They do not teach active trading.  Many years ago, Bo taught her housemaid  to invest into the stock market, she’s earning P7,000 monthly at that time and now she’s almost a millionaire. When I first read the ebook  written by Bo My Maid Invested  Into the Stock Market and Why You Should too , I was a bit embarrassed of myself as a professional working abroad and I don’t know anything and have no investments  in the stock market. Now I invest into the Philippine Stock Market as well as New Zealand and Australia. You can download the ebook for FREE.


3.Truly Rich Club teaches MINDSET and STRATEGIES. 

According to Bo after many years of helping people grow financially, he realized it’s more important to change financial mindset than just merely increasing financial literacy. Why? Because a person can be very wise in money matters, but if he has a poverty mindset, nothing much will happen.  The real purpose of wealth is not just for ourselves, but for the people we love, the  people  we want to help and bless .

 4.Truly Rich Club guides Filipinos to become wealthy the right way and save Filipinos from being scammed!

We all know that many Filipinos are victims of scam. I’m even one of them  few years ago,  I ‘ve fallen into the trap of Ponzi Scheme.  I invested  $10,000( P350,000) in the Futures.  It was too good to be true and we know the risk but I don’t know why many people , including a lot of my family, became victims. I remembered almost everyone in Pagadian City , my hometown, got really crazy about it. My mom told me that people are selling or  pawning their houses , animals, or whatever to get cash to invest. And  some sellers in the wet market stopped selling fish and started queuing to invest. Our city was just chaotic at that time.  One of my cousins had really good returns of his money initially, from P100,000 to P300,000 in just two weeks. It encouraged us more to invest and fall into the trap.  I’ve calculated that I will get  over a million from the P350,000 in the few weeks then BOOM! I was ready to withdraw and it’s GONE!!! I’ve heard our city lost over a billion from rich and a lot of ordinary people because of  that SCAM. It even caused more debts,  crime, suicide, and   imprisonment of some people. It was so devastating.  And the ONLY WAY to fight SCAM is financial education. And that’s what we learn through the Truly Rich Club. To achieve real wealth takes time, a lot of hard work, and determination.  Success does not happen overnight.


If you want to make changes in your life right now and want to know more about the Truly Rich Club, there’s a FREE WEBINAR ( it’s a seminar online in case you don’t know )  coming soon hosted by the Truly Rich Club. Just enter your name and email address and I will send you the registration link of the webinar straight to your email

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