Attention Filipino Nurses Who Wants To Work and Live in New Zealand

“For the last few years, hundreds of Filipino Nurses Came To New Zealand On A Longer And More Expensive Pathway. The Worst, Some of them Realized They Can’t Even Work As A Registered Nurse in New Zealand– Could You Be Next?”

If you’re a Filipino Registered Nurse who’s dreaming of working and living in New Zealand, then you simply can’t ignore taking the WRONG PATHWAY !

The good news is that you can protect yourself.

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  • If You’re a Registered Nurse who’s planning to apply for New Zealand. You must read this first before you pay an agency or consultant to help you.

  • If You’re currently a student in New Zealand and Wanting to Become a Registered Nurse in New Zealand.

Dear Filipino Nurses,

Is New Zealand the right country for you to continue your nursing career abroad and give yourself and your family a better future?Most nurses probably don’t think about this….there’s different pathways to come to New Zealand….

and the fastest way to leave the Philippines may NOT always be the BEST way!When you hear 3 months lang daw ang processing tapos makaka abroad ka na makes many nurses so excited and jump for joy!I live and work in New Zealand as a Registered Nurse for over 8 years and life has been so GREAT 

BUT……Right now the statistics are startling. For the last few years, there are so many Filipino nurses coming in for a one year course taking business and management but these courses will NOT actually make them become a Registered Nurse in New Zealand. In Auckland alone, hundreds if not thousands of Filipino Nurses are doing this LONGER and MORE EXPENSIVE pathway. And that doesn’t even count the other Filipino students in other professions. Have you heard of this scenario from anyone? I’m not saying , it’s totally a wrong pathway because I still know a few people who managed to push themselves really hard , found a job, and survived for many years then eventually become a Registered Nurse  after 2- 4 years instead of just 2–4 monthsBut some of them…..went home with tears in their eyes because their work permit did not get renewed by the NZ Immigration! and the WORST they went home with a

lot of DEBTS! If you’re a nurse wanting to work abroad and  you asked your family to help you financially in the hope for a better future with the belief that later you can pay them and help them make their lives a lot better……But WHAT IF your venture abroad will not succeed? You’ve probably thought about this before. You probably realize that this can happen. You’ve probably realized what a nightmare it would be if you loan a big amount of money from a lending company and make your parents house the collateral so you can go abroad and you realized when you reach abroad, you can’t even afford to pay the monthly repayments.And it probably scares you out of your mind. If so, you’re NOT alone. And you’re not over-reacting. This is a very real and very serious problem. And this is actually HAPPENING right now to many Filipino nurses.You certainly don’t want to find yourself in this situation. I’m speaking from what I’ve seen and what is happening here in New Zealand right now…I know how hard it is to start in a new country. Loneliness and anxiety is real when everything seems new….New environment, new people around you, and no family and friends, new language ( English sila lahat) and even the climate.Especially during winter…The coldness made me almost cry when I missed the bus because I’m few minutes late. These are the things that I have to cope with….But the worst is when you’ll found out your future may not be as bright as you hope it will be .It’s overwhelming when it happens. You will really feel devastated…And it’s frightening….the thought of telling your family back home that it looks like you made a big mistake….Point is, realizing you took the wrong pathway can actually turn your life upside down. Choosing the wrong pathway can affect so many things –it can affect the job options that can you apply for, your possible income and the pain that you can’t help your family back home when you’re already abroad because you’re in a very challenging situation.You don’t want this to happen to you.And the good news is that… Now You  Can Protect Yourself From Going To The Wrong Pathway– Guaranteed! That’s right, you no longer have to lie awake at nights, worrying about your possible outcome when you leave the Philippine to go New Zealand.Because when you know these DETAILED step by step guide on what to do for you to AVOID the longer , more expensive and UNSURE pathway to become a Registered Nurse in New Zealand. You’ll finally have peace of mind. That’s because you know exactly what to do and what to work on to increase your chance to succeed in a new country.


Should You Choose New Zealand?

Why or Why Not?

A Detailed Guide To Successfully Work and Live in New Zealand for Filipino Registered Nurses

(with or without an agency)

  • The #1 way to avoid taking the long and more expensive pathway so that you can so work and live in New Zealand successfully as a Registered Nurse.
  • This ebook   will surely  help you prepare, take your ANXIETY and make your journey to New Zealand more fun and exciting.
  • This will answer most of your questions and help you make better decisions for your nursing career and your family’s future.

What Others Say

Tin, your book is a must read for all nurses aspiring to go to NZ. You will come to this country more prepared and enlightened how to work your way thru. No hype or gimmicks….just plain truth! God bless you tin for your overflowing goodness!

Ged Villegas

NZ Registered Nurse

I am very glad that Crestine has made this ebook for my fellow Filipino people. I have seen how my countrymen suffer because they don’t have the knowledge on how to go to the correct career pathway. This ebook would give you ideas and realistic expectations about what and how to live in New Zealand. Thank you Crestine for your effort and passion to help fellow Filipino nurses. I am indeed very very proud of you.

Danika VallejosNZ Registered Nurses

When you want to help, you get to be brave and do what frightens you. One of my closest friends Crestine Carson is one great example to this. Her passion to help others especially the migrants became her driving force and motivation to launch her first ever ebook even when she feels nervous. Im a very happy friend right now …kudos tita dan, u make me proud 🙂

Love Erediano

NZ Registered Nurse

Imagine what it will feesl like to know what exactly you’re going in to.And just think of how good you’ll feel when you know you and your family will have a higher chance to have a brighter future in a beautiful country like New Zealand. All you have to do to start enjoying some peace of mind  is to reserve your copy of this ebook ”  A Detailed Guide To Successfully Work and Live in New Zealand as a Registered Nurse. This will answer your questions clearly if New Zealand is the right country for you to start your nursing career and settle for good.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside: You’ll find out what the best pathway for nurses is and how you go through the process of registering to the New Zealand Nursing Council to be qualified. How a little-known guide can give you the right information – you’ll be amazed! -The #1 important step every Filipino Nurses ought to know about the process of becoming a Registered Nurse in NZ.

-What you should know and what you should prepare before you leave Philippines and fly to New Zealand.

-What’s a Competency Assessment Program required by the New Zealand Nursing Council and how to prepare for it so you will not FAIL!!!- Is it easy to find a job after  getting your registration as a nurse in New Zealand?

– And why do some nurses almost always get the job that they want? You’ll discover their secrets so that you can get the job that you want too! Find out why some Filipino nurses never get a chance to become a resident or citizens in New Zealand – and how you can make sure it never happens to you! The ONLY way to get a chance to get a resident visa is to reach a certain points required by the NZ Immigration – check it and see it yourself  how high your chance to get a Permanent Residency   rather than guessing or leaving it to someone else to check for you.

Find out if you can eventually invite your husband or your whole family and when is the best time to do that.Know the absolute best way to work and live in New Zealand indefinitely..

So you can stay for good and get that DUAL CITIZENSHIP. Getting all of these is NOT through luck but knowing the right information so you can work on the things you need before you even come and leave everything behind in the Philippines. And as a BONUS! This ebook will not just inform you but it will also INSPIRE and MOTIVATE you as I share real life experiences of other Filipino nurses in NZ too.

You’ll discover a drop-dead-easy way to enjoy New Zealand at it’s finest and  become happy and successful anywhere you are – you’ll wish you had known about this years ago! And so much more. Simply put, if you want to finally know HOW to successfully work and live in New Zealand as nurse, then you need to grab a copy of the ebook  Should You Choose New Zealand? Why and Why Not? Step by Step Guide To Successfully Work and Live in New Zealand as a Registered Nurse.

Ms. Crestine Carson is a Filipina-Kiwi Nurse, and definitely knows the ins and outs of working and living in New Zealand (NZ) as a Filipino Registered Nurse, having experienced it for herself. Her ebook  “Should You Choose New Zealand? Why and Why Not? Step by Step Guide To Successfully Work and Live in New Zealand as a Registered Nurse “ is an invaluable guide to Filipino RN’s intending to work in and move to NZ. The book contains first-hand and practical information and is written only with the intention to be of service. One must be very careful nowadays with many unscrupulous immigration and education advisers and agents for NZ in the Philippines giving false information. Crestine has no hidden agenda, unlike these advisors and agents. Her book is highly recommended.

Ambassador Gary DomingoNew Zealand Philippine Ambassador 

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