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How I Earned P29K In One Day Without Working

Sharing to inspire! Yes, it’s possible to earn 29k in ONE DAY online on a Sunday while I’m having lunch with my family. Seriously, it made me scream out loud and made my heart beat so fast when I checked my email. Possible pala talaga!

As a nurse abroad, I literally have to work so hard physically, mentally, and emotionally for long hours- sometimes without a break at all to earn this amount in a day… I love my job, I love being a nurse, it’s a very rewarding job but I’m desperate to have that freedom of time and freedom of finances so I can spend more time with my family in the Philippines. So I dared to try this thing called “entrepreneurship” – combining traditional business and online business.

I’m grateful that I found this online community that helped me achieve this step by step.

Truly Rich Club and Unity Network.

Here’s the reason how many of us got results.


All the tools I used and all the strategies I’m learning are very helpful to grow ANY business and I get a chance to earn while learning.

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