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Empowering Pinoy in NZ

Sometimes we wonder why despite working so hard we still don’t have the financial freedom that we are dreaming of. Is it just us? How we spend our income, how we budget, how we prioritize things? Is it the fact that for most Filipinos, our culture is to help families back home by sending money every month to help them with their needs, most of the time if not all the time, their wants too. Filipinos are kind hearted by nature and we have such strong family orientation with regards to helping our families financially. But then at some point, when after such a tiring and busy day at work, we go home and we realize that we still have to do our cooking so we can eat and sometimes do the laundry so we have a uniform to wear to work the next day, we get so frustrated and question ourselves, what am I doing with my life? Where am I headed to? What will this make of me? Well, everything is about a proper mindset. The power of a positive mind is indeed very important. So what do we do next? We have to rearrange our lives if we must, starting with a proper priority setting. What is most important to you at this stage in your life? What is that emotional why? Take time and dig deeper. Write it if you must and start working your way thru it. Financial literacy is essential too. learning how to live, give and save for the future. It is but true that empowerment is the key to success, sometimes we have to empower families, give them something to work on instead of spoon feeding them with everything. At the end of the day, they will thank you for it. The self actualization that you get with hardwork is very rewarding. After all, who doesn’t want to live a stress-free life. It’s never too late, lets learn together and let’s live a happy, healthy and wealthy life.

Crestine Carson

I’m Crestine Carson. I would love to inspire you to live a happy, healthy, and abundant life. It's my dream to inspire Overseas Filipino Workers to experience REAL HAPPINESS and SUCCESS in all aspect of your life. I believe everybody deserves to enjoy a Truly Rich Lifestyle. Read my blogs The Truly Rich Lifestyle.

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