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Crestine Carson

Hey it’s Crestine Carson here and before anything else, I want to say ” Thank You” for connecting with me and thank you for giving me an opportunity to help you.

​As I’ve promised, I’d like to give you a FREE Quick Guide To Work and Live in New Zealand For Filipino Registered Nurses.

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At the moment, there’s more or less 60,000 Filipino Workers/Migrants in New Zealand working in different fields. There’s probably thousands of nurses and other health care professionals.

Personally, I know a lot of Filipino nurses around and I’m proud to say that we’re known to be the most caring nurses in the world.

According to New Zealand Immigration in one of their website –

” Health  workers needed now”

It’s estimated we need 380 extra specialists every year to meet the OECD average by 2021. And we’ll need up to 25,000 more nurses by 2030.

This can give you a lot of hope BUT….you need to go through the RIGHT pathway and get all the RIGHT information before you start kasi NOT ALL who tried succeeded! I’ve heard some SAD stories, Filipinos who attempted to come here and end up spending a lot then eventually went home with a lot debts! Kasi yung ginastos nila sa pag abroad, inutang pa nila. 🙁

And that’s one of the main reason I started writing this quick guide to give you the right and honest information that you need if you’re a nurse and you plan to come here or you’re in a crossroad trying to choose which country to go to start a new journey.

So I hope this will help you. By the way, I’m NOT an immigration consultant and I don’t work in any agency. I’m also not against them but you need to know exactly what you’re getting into.

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​Kind regards,

Crestine Carson

​P.S 1 I suggest that you shut your door, turn off your cellphone, and remove any distractions while reading this. This 10-20 minutes read may open a great door of opportunity for yourself and your family.

Click HERE for your FREE Guide​

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