Happy Birthday To My Ate Dane

To our favourite Ate….Atchie Dane……You never fail to amaze me with your nurturing nature….your selflessness…I will never forget our beautiful memories together, especially when we were little, when I woke up with all my assignments ready for me when I was in elementary and high school, when you cared for my like a mother when it’s just the two of us, when you chose to do the housework so I can just rest. I can go on and on and on.

We shared a lot of happiness and struggles together, adventures and secrets.You taught me a lot of lessons that I will never forget…good and bad…I’m not sure if you’re as crazy as I am but I guess you are crazier looking back. I never dared to shave my head and you did….

I tried to look for photos of you and me and there’s not many… I wish we had digital cameras and Facebook since 1985….for sure, we’ll have thousands for photos together… It made me realize how I miss you terribly…..how I miss everyone terribly…I must admit I get really jealous when I miss out on our family events …..especially those extra special one like your wedding….. I remembered I cried for few days because I can’t believe I did not get an invitation and I did not have time to prepare to I can be there…You promised me you’d get married again so I can be there as your maid of honor. Please keep that promise of yours.

From then until now, you never fail to lead and guide us, and you never fail to feed us with your huge bag full of unhealthy goodies (lol, sorry)

From our ATE to our CEO….I can’t wait to create more beautiful memories with you and the whole gang as we make all our childhood dreams come true together…….I love you to bits….Enjoy your birthday….Happiest Birthday!

P.S. Please don’t go on annual leave for so long….I need you to update me with our cash flow….xx

Crestine Carson

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