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Learn How To Earn Millions Online

I finally met  Laurent Dionisio, the founder  of Pinoy Financial Planning and Pinoy Onlineprenuer.  Laurent is Bro. Bo Sanchez       ( my favourite mentor) mentee, and he’s now a MULTI- MILLIONAIRE.

Just like me and thousands of Filipinos, Laurent had life changing journey through the Truly Rich Club (TRC). I met Laurent through the TRC of course and we became virtual friends when I took the courage to send him a private message in Facebook after I saw their video tutorials.

It’s the best thing about Truly Rich Club, distance is never a barrier to connect with the members because it’s an online community and most, if not all of the members are very friendly and kind, always ready to give a hand when you need it. Laurent is a Certified Public Accountant, he used to work at the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. Last year, he finally had the courage to resign from his corporate job and pursue his dreams to become a full-time entrepreneur and online marketer with the encouragement of his good friend Marco Victoria – Business Daddy and of course, Bro. Bo Sanchez. 

I was really inspired by what he has achieved. I guess it’s a big leap, but for sure, it did not happen overnight, he planned it well. And for sure, that’s a lot of hard work. That’s many people dream I guess- to get out of that 8-5pm job and have a business and most especially have that freedom of time.  

So I asked him how he did it, Laurent shared that one of his frustration is the traffic in Manila, he spends hours on the road to go to work every day and does not want to do that every day of his life. He also got married and they now have a baby so he wanted to have more time with his family.

Those reasons pushed him harder to learn and make it work. He was doing it on his spare time while he’s working. I was also curious about the income, so I asked a more specific question-  is it really true that you can earn well online? He was earning well in his corporate job.  He said, when he started earning online 2 x his salary, he felt comfortable leaving his job.

I was pretty amazed because it’s really possible to earn 6 digits – means P 100,000 +++  or more online while in living in the Philippines.  

That gave me a lot of hope.  Laurent shared to me a lot of online opportunities – affiliates through the Truly Rich Club is a good start to practice and have the feel of it as there are free tutorials as members of the Truly Rich Club. He said it’s not BIG TIME  but he does it for love, to help more Filipinos changed lives.   Laurent also shared to me about Unity Network – he’s one of the top earners before now he created  his own brand and digital products Ascend Life.

 He told me it’s worth trying it and so I did, and truly, I started earning online too. We call is chaching (money) in Unity Network.  For 2,990 you get a lot of information to get started. Laurent is very active in his online marketing and his performance is exceptional. He’s very consistent. And I’m sure that’s the reason why he’s earning really well online. I must admit I’m not as active as him and I’m learning the process each day and I know   I’m getting better and better.

One thing we learn from Bro. Bo is about investing for ourselves – to learn from different sources like digital information and live seminars and conference. Make it a  part of the budget because it has been proven by many successful people that the way to increase income is to increase our value. The more we learn, the more we become valuable.

These are just a few opportunities we get from the Truly Rich Club and there’s many more. That’s the reason we are so passionate to share it with other Filipinos.  Truly Rich Club is definitely helping good people become rich.

Special thank you to Laurent for inspiring me every day and get better and better in my online career.     It was really nice to meet him… Till next time.

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