How Full-Time Kasambahay in Hongkong Started Her Online Travel and Tour Business and Earn​​​​ 

How To Start and Run A Profitable Online Travel Business While Working Full- Time Abroad

I am very inspired by one of our top affiliate of our Star Legends Adventure Family ( SATT) Coach Marilou De Leon. She’s a full-time helper in Hongkong at the same time running her own online Travel and Tours Business Franchise.  

She shared her story as a Kasambahay and she’s working in Hongkong for over 20 years now and how she decided to make a way to change her situation in her life slowly. She’s now training other OFWs on how they can start their own Online Travel and Tours Business Franchise. 

In this interview, she answered these questions so you can learn from her journey.

     1. What opened your mind to start your business? Tell us more about your business?

        Why did she  choose Travel Business?

     2. What are the advantages of having an Online Travel Business?

     3. What are the 3 most important qualities you must have to succeed?

     4. What does she do each day to keep her going and motivated?

     5. What are your future plans?

     6. What is your best advice to OFWS like you?

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