What Will Your Kids Talk About When They Grow Up?
I so so love picnics.But we don't do this as a family in the Philippines...Not sure why???...So I just imagine[...]
Interview Tips for Filipino Registered Nurses
One of my closest friend Jenny Haber wrote this blog a year ago and I thought of reposting this here to[...]
LIVE each DAY as if it’s your LAST DAY…
LIVE each DAY as if it's your LAST DAY... It's probably a great way to live to experience REAL JOY....[...]
[pullquote align="normal"]Did we really pack our CRAB MENTALITY CULTURE in our luggage when we left the Philippines ???[/pullquote] Beware of[...]
Empowering Pinoy in NZ
Sometimes we wonder why despite working so hard we still don't have the financial freedom that we are dreaming of.[...]