Meeting my favorite mentor, Bro. Bo Sanchez

I had an amazing experience on my last visit in the Philippines. I’ve went to see my favourite mentor, Bro. Bo Sanchez and I had a chance to have a chat with him after The Feast in PICC on a Sunday. I’v met him a few times but never properly but this time, I was booked by Truly Rich Club Corcierge Joey Tabayan to meet him personally. I feel so honoured to get that opportunity, to personally thank him for being God’s instrument to change my life in many ways, not just mine but my family’s as well. I took my mom with me and my friend Ven and my mom was starstruck! It was a great experience for her 60th Birthday and Bro Bo greeted her a happy birthday. As you can see in the photo, you can see her smiling from ear to ear and there’s another photo that  my mom  hugged him so tight. It feels so good to see my mom so happy. My mom is Bro. Bo’s follower for many years and I remembered reading a Kerygma magazine when I was growing.

I joined Truly Rich Club 3 years ago and I had my life changing story. I wrote a whole blog about my Truly Rich Club success story. I decided to volunteer for the club and  share it’s mission to the world for the last 2 years through sharing my story to my friends personally and online. And just this year, I decided to go on a different level, I’ve initiated to contact Truy Rich Club through this facebook page and accepted the invitation to be co- organizer on Truly Rich Club Quickstart Webinar for New Zealand. It was scary at first, and I had many challenges along the way. I shed a lot of tears as there are people who questioned my credibility and intention of sharing it. It hurts so much when you get bashed when you know you have pure intentions of helping other people. I remembered Bro. Bo shares it many times in his talks about people hating him and calling him bad names because of what he does. He’ve helped so many people changed lives, and I’m one of them, and yet, he gets all these so I guess it’s part of the process. Even I asked some of the Truly Rich Club members and they experienced the same thing. And that kept me going. Truly Rich Club for me is a like any product or service that I’ve used where I had such a great experience. It’s like I’ve been to a great restaurant with great food, beautiful ambience, excellent service from the staff and after that experience, I can’t help myself but to share it to other people- to my friends and my family and encourage them to give it a try. That’s how I feel about it.

Here’s another great thing about it, Bro. Bo’s team never stop looking for ways to improve their services for the members to have greater experience. The Truly Rich Club 2.0 was recently relaunched last July 2016 on Bro. Bo’s 50th Birthday and it just got better and better. Bro. Bo gave us more gifts instead for his birthday, that’s how generous he is. All  members who paid for a year membership which is only P4,771.2 ( with 20% discount) are now getting a term insurance of P 100,000 on top of the great materials we  receive  previously like daily stock market update and guidance, wealth strategies, powertalks, free webinars, all for the same price.  Thank you so much Bro. Bo and the team behind the Truly Rich Club. Special thanks to Concierge Joey Tabayan organizing a meeting with Bro. Bo and for inviting us to become volunteers of the Truly Rich Club. Cheers! Till we meet again!

Crestine Carson

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