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Mother’s Days Special

It’s a Sunday but I set my alarm on early and place it on the kitchen bench so I will get up to turn it off. It’s such a cold morning in New Zealand; I can feel winter is coming soon. So I decided to snuggle in bed with my fleece blanket while I said my prayers and meditation to fully wake me up…

When I finally got up, I got two cuties wiggling their tails and wanted a cuddle and tummy scratch, our simple routine every morning with Dora and Ciara. My 4- legged daughters. It’s Mother’s Day today but they did not get me anything special.No breakfast in bed for me…or flowers…

It made me miss my mom terribly. I wish I can wake her up with breakfast in bed and a warm hug and a kiss. But I’m miles away…….all I can do is to ask my sister to buy her some flowers and card…. then I decided to write my thoughts and reminisce our beautiful memories together….

I watched this very emotional Mother’s Day video on Youtube, and it brought tears to my eyes… It takes SOMEONE STRONG ….To make SOMEONE STRONG….

All theses years, my mom has been my deep emotional why….I think of her every day and she fuels my desire to achieve greater things soI can be with her whenever I want to… so I can have weekly dates with her in a cafe…not just via Skype…. I just can’t wait to do that very soon…. I want to thank her everyday for making me who I am today because of her… I love you mom…

To All Mothers…Happy Mother’s Day…..You are all Superheroes

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