Christmas in New Zealand ( A Home Away From Home)

Mabuhay! Kia Ora! I hope you all had a Merry Christmas! I wanted to share this beautiful video brought to us by Air New Zealand. It's a very touching video, it brought tears into my eyes. I terribly miss my family back home. They have a different way of spending Christmas here in NZ. No Noche Buena for them, they spend the whole day of Christmas with the family.

Last year, one of my wishes is to spend Christmas in the Philippines, but for many reasons ( budget, work commitments, on going house renovations), it did not happen. I did few night shifts at work just before Christmas and it just took away all my energy. In my mind, I want to do a lot of things like last minute shopping and wrapping presents and writing and sending Christmas cards but it just did not happen. I did have the energy to do anything. I was talking to my sister in Facebook and I told her that our body and health is definitely our most important treasure. We can't do anything without it. It's the 24th of December and I haven't wrap any presents and I started to get anxious but I stopped myself. Christmas will go on even if I'm not ready so I decided to stop stressing out.  So I decided to make this virtual Christmas Card from  

Crestine Carson

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