OFW Stories and Realities


Have you seen this post before? I saw this from Facebook.

It made so many OFWs react!!!

Some violently!!lol!

As a nurse abroad, I can totally relate! I work so hard and literally wipe my patient’s ass.

After working sooo hard…I felt like I have to treat myself so well when I’m on holidays.

But my first holiday in the Philippines taught me one of my biggest lesson in life. I felt that I can spend my money because I worked so hard for it!! And YES I did it! I even overspent and used my credit cards…

And Yes, I enjoyed my holiday but end up broke! Well, that was an eye-opener! As I felt like after working so hard abroad, I’m living the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle or the rat race!

Yes, it’s ok to treat ourselves as long as it suits our budget and as long it will not make us end up broke after working for many many years abroad.

It’s ok to treat ourselves, wear nice clothes and branded bag as long as we have investments alongside.

It’s ok to treat ourselves as long as we know we are in control of our finances.

I’m so passionate about this topic that’s why I decided to start my blog The Truly Rich where we can still choose to enjoy life without worrying too much about our finances in the future. This is especially to OFWS.

Yes, let’s enjoy life! We all deserve it but make sure you are also financially educated.

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Crestine Carson

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