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An Open Letter to my Sister

My Ate wrote this open letter for me…It made me cry…I ‘m very happy that even I’m miles away from my family, I get to develop a strong relationship with them.


My dearest Crestine,

Time flies so fast that only a glimpse of your faces and quirky smile I can remember when I close my eyes. I remember you being a beautiful stubborn little naynay, you absolutely know what you want and have the courage to achieve everything she set her mind to.

I remember our sibling rivalry days, where I constantly get your milk bottles at two years old and make sure you end up crying.

I remember our elementary years where we constantly argue about your chores and our home assignments.

I remember us eating together in our abundant table at our ancestral house, day dreaming our dreams and plans for the future.

I remember us in the mountains of San Isidro eating corn rice and never loving it since it taste like toothbrushes without toothpaste.

I remember our reunion schedules in Salug with swimming lessons, making us real gold tanned skin.

I remember giving you allowance from the sideline I have in high school, because times were tough we become tougher than life itself.

I remember going to places with you, with our first trip together riding a bus and sleeping in the bus station and loving it.

I remember our Semestral breaks in Cebu, taking the bus to the south just to get home feeling the adrenaline rush of being left behind the wharf of Dumaguete.

I remember how foolish we are and yet courageous enough to decide for ourselves in the Queen City of the South.

Those moment were priceless, those memories are totally awesome.


And If I could describe you as person, you are exceptionally amazing.

You seem to glow anywhere life takes you. You have the joy that nobody can take. You have the heart to take service in the highest level, and it is seen on how you take care of the people that you loved, the family that you have, the friends that share the ups and downs of life, the co worker’s that made you strong. And when you decided to spread your wings and become a grown woman, you leave behind a mark of a thru PAGADIANON, you have become an epitome of success of a Ms. Pagadian, true enough you have lived the phrase “I am confidently beautiful with a heart”. You are indeed the Ms. Universe of our lives.

I am so proud of what you have become as a person, gone were the wild days where our topics was clothes, shoes, accessories, gimmicks and boys turn men. From collecting them internationally, you have now come to your purpose of inspiring our younger sisters to make the most out of life.

And thoroughly grateful for having Andrew as your partner in life. He had loved you in a way that no one could have. He had influence you to a life of simplicity and freedom to dream more.

Our conversation, nowadays focus on becoming a truly rich person. A spiritually-filled individual, ready to take on the challenge of our daily existence with exceptional joy and amazing goodness in your heart.

Your constant mantra is “ Bring it on”. As you persistently provide goals and directions to our ventures and businesses.


And with you love for life and constant passion for entrepreneurship, you have took us all to the stage of unlimited perspective of GOD’s goodness. You have become an angel in disguise from heaven.

And forever I will always be grateful for being your sister, your friend and your partner in Christ.

I love you my little sister.



Ate Dane

Crestine Carson

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