How My Pains and Frustrations Brought Me Closer To God

My Holy Week In New Zealand

Initially, I felt a bit guilty as I did not think too much about the Holy Week. I’m on a casual job as a nurse, and when my manager asked me to work on a Tuesday and Friday 2 weeks ago, I just said yes without realizing it’s the Holy Week and it was too late when I realize it was so I decided to just do the shifts.

My husband Andrew and I were also very preoccupied as we put our house on the market for sale 3 weeks ago and auction day is on a Wednesday, in the middle of the Holy Week.

We’ve made a big decision to sell our first home and live in the Philippines for a while a few months ago. After more than 7 years of working as a nurse and living in New Zealand, I never thought going home to live in the Philippines for few years will come into reality. I knew I wanted it deep within me, to go home and be with my family, but I married a Kiwi guy, and I never dared to ask him if he wanted to live in the Philippines.

I was praying the whole time and I also asked my family to pray for a successful auction but last Wednesday, during the auction, we only have one bidder, and they did not reach our reserve price. We had another offer right after the auction but the offer is lower than what we wanted to we have to say NO to it. We can’t help but feel sad and disappointed when our plans don’t go as we want it to be.

I felt like God has spoken to me this Holy Week and reminded me of my faith and prayers – to let go and let God. I must admit, I struggled to this. Instead of complaining to God- I used my pains and frustrations to be closer to Him instead- and it turned our I had a very meaningful Holy Week. I fast for few days and I tried to attend the mass as much as I could, even in the middle of the cyclone. I also watched Kerygma TV Lenten Retreat 2017 Live Online. They had wonderful speakers for th series Shine Forth ( Supply, Success, Significance, and Serenity )– Bro. Bo Sachez, Bob McConaghy and much more. Check it out online.
I felt that God has spoken to me and reassured me that everything that will happen in our lives, GOOD or BAD, has a God- ordained purpose. Bad things Do NOT happen because God wanted to us to suffer but He wanted us to carry our cross daily- to mold us, to make us a better person, and make us more faithful to Him in times of our darkness.

It made me realized more I blessed I am and I will continue to become a light to the world in my little ways like writing my blogs and making videos.

I am offering my prayers to all immigrants and Filipinos in New Zealand who is still struggling to get a job or having difficulty in renewing their visas to be able to stay in New Zealand. Special prayers to Julie Garcia.

I’m surrendering it all to you, Lord….

I’m sharing The Easter Grand Feast Video Today Live in Manila with Bro. Bo Sanchez

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