Pay It Forward : Why Helping Others Drives Our Success

April is my birthday month and I can say I’ve been spoiled rotten by my family and friends. 

I posted this in Facebook few days ago as I decided to celebrate from the 1st day of the month.

Why celebrate for just a day when you can celebrate for the whole month?

APRIL!!! Yes,I’m an Aries – and yes I’m so Aries.

It’s my birthday month and it’s such a great excuse to catch up for drinks and dine with the people close to my heart. To me, my friends are just like my family.

Busy is just a word-I do best to make time, especially to the people around you and relationships.

I guess I gotta do this more often as these beautiful ladies live in the same city yet haven’t seen each other for years. Who’s guilty???

Now go and make time to catch up with your family and friends and celebrate being alive 🙂 #celebrations #birthdaymonth #april #thetrulyrichlifestyle

One of my favourite thing to do is to spend time with the people around me. I believe it’s the most precious gift we could give.

I’ve read this quote and I couldn’t agree more.

Time is your most precious gift because you only have a set amount of it. You can make more money, but you can’t make more time. When you give someone your time, you are giving them a portion of your life that you’ll never get back. Your time is your life.

This is the reason I am so driven and motivated in life as I wanted more “ freedom of time” . But the reality is we have to go to work  that takes 8-12 hours of our time each day. As an OFW, I lived and worked in New Zealand as a nurse full – time for over 8 years. I only get to spend time with my family 2-4 weeks  max a year only and I realized life can be too short so I decided to take another path other than employment to have more freedom of time and work harder for financial freedom .

 The journey that I chose is not the easy way. I have  a very strong reason why do what I do- a deep “ emotional why” . I wanted to “ overflow” – I wanted more than enough so I can give more. Many times, I gave until it hurts. I can say that the path that I took needs a lot of determination and grit .This is a personal choice that I made and it’s not easy BUT seriously gave me deeper joy.

When we give or help others, it helps us push aside negative thoughts or self- pity. When we look at other people’s life, especially the poorest of the poor- we get to realize how blessed we are.

I came across this global initiative called – Pay It Forward or Give It Forward – falls on this month – 28th of April to be exact and I want to invite you join.

You don’t have to wait for the 28th of April.

You  can start today and believe me – you’ll feel a lot happier.

It doesn’t have to be something so big – it can be real simple.

Here’s what CAN YOU DO.

  • Initiate a conversation with a stranger and ask them how they are.
  • Pay for someone’s cup of coffee
  • Get the next person’s food, toll, petrol, etc.
  • Give someone a book or ebook that will inspire them. My personal favorite is Kerygma Books where I grab most on my books online.
  • Help someone out in need  – volunteer your time to help someone.
  • Teach someone a new skill or a hobby.
  • Share your great ideas that may help someone.
  • Host pay it forward activities in your office, school, church or community
  • Become a Pay it Forward Day ambassador and help raise awareness in your circles of influence
  • Let others know about Pay it Forward Day through your social media channels
  • Donate to a worthwhile cause – you can choose any charity you like.
  • Be creative!!! Click here  for more ideas

Studies show that givers are happier and more successful.

That could be you.

#payitforward #thetrulyrichlifestyle

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