Pros & Cons of Living in the Philippines

Someone asked me if I really enjoy living in the Philippines after living in NZ for over 8 years.

She said she couldn’t do it! She just wanted to stay in the Philippines for a holiday in less than a month MAXIMUM!!

And my answer to her is ….

YES and NO!!!There are times that I get stressed and frustrated when my plans doesn’t go as planned..There are times when I feel exhausted and everything seems wrong!!

There are times that I feel so impatient when I get stuck in the car for hours because of the traffic and long queues..

Living in the Philippines with my hubby isn’t always fun and convenient but it made us appreciate life more…

It made us realized how blessed we are even if we have challenges every day. We may be facing a lot of challenges but it’s really nothing compared to 90% of the people around us.

We drove pass this street in Cebu early morning and we see a lot of this everywhere.

And so we decided we’re TOO BLESSED TO BE STRESSED.

The best way to DESTRESS is to look beyond yourself,look around you ,find a way to serve others and always have an attitude of gratitude. 🙂🙂🙂 We are blessed to get a chance to spend beautiful moments with family and enjoy the tropical country.🙂

Crestine Carson

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