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How To Start Your Home  & Mobile Business That Can Potentially Earn Up To  P 80K In Just  One Day  By Just  Using Your Mobile Phone or Laptop and the Internet.

No Qualification & No Experience  Needed

Are you just living from paycheck to paycheck? Have you been working hard, pero wala ka pa din decent savings?
Do you feel stuck in the daily cycle of “work, pay the bills, pay debts, pay everyone except yourself”? If you answered a BIG  “YES!” to all these questions, then this message is for YOU

Maybe  You Ever Dream To Give Up Your Day Job As An OFW One Day?
Have More Time With Your With Your Family and Travel And  Earn At The Same Time?

There comes a time in every OFW’s life when you  have  to stand up and say, “enough is enough.” Na pagod ka na kasi  tagal tagal mo na nagtatabaho abroad pero parang wala pa rin malaking pagbabago and hindi po pa rin natutulunga yung family mo kasi kulang yung sweldo and ang dami daming binabayaran.And that’s the day when you decide to change your life for the better by looking for some other options other than working as an OFW . Na feel ko yan many years ago kaya I decided to look for another option para kumita ng extra income and naging full-time income na.

 Now, I get to enjoy  going home to the Philippines and stay there as long as I want to be with my family and just work 2-3 months as a nurse abroad each year because I want to and not because I have to.

  BUT before that, I spent a lot of time just thinking about how can I have other options to earn money aside from being employed as an OFW. I started learning more about businesses.I purchased a lot of books on the topic. I even enrolled in many courses and attended many seminars on how to start a business while working full- time as an OFW.

Problem was, I was wanting to get started but I feel so lost how to get started. Without clear direction and without anyone helping me and guiding me to get started, I continued to procrastinate but then one day, something happened that opened my mind to push myself more and take things seriously. My mom got sick in the Philippines and  I could not even go home to take care of her  while I am in New Zealand working as a nurse looking after my patients.

I was scared that I will like my friend who just went home to attend her mother's burial- and she was feeling depressed and guilty for many years because she did not get the chance to spend time with her mom who is dying because of Cancer because she needed to work abroad.  Yung ipapadala na lang yung pera keysa gumastos para umuwi sa Pinas. Those are the painful sacrifices we have to make.

I also know a lot of OFWs who are parents yet they sacrificed and left their children in the Philippines  to work abroad just to be able to earn more and provide for their needs.

 It's sad but it feels like we are left without   no choice . There are many times that I just feel so frustrated thinking about it.

Listen, if you’ve ever felt like this too, let me reassure you that you’re not the only one. And let me also tell you that it’s not your fault, maybe you've  tried other side-line businesses  and failed before. I know how hard it is to juggle and try to run a business when you're working full-time.

I did try many things too - I joined many MLM business and even lost money in a Ponzi Scam- the famous Aman Futures.It was an obvious QUICK-RICH-SCHEME but I gave it a go maybe because I just wanted to look for other ways to earn and I was hoping it will sustain but obviously- IT DIDN'T! I just lost 10k dollars- an that's my  hard-earned money.

You see, the reason why you haven't succeeded in any business yet is because you probably don't know anything about the NEW WAY of doing business using automated tools and systems and  the power of the internet that can work for you AND help you earn money even when you're busy working or doing other things. But of course, you have to learn this and set this up.  And most importantly- you must have products and services that are 100% salelable using the right platform.

Ano Kayang Magandang Business?
Here's What Business Experts Says :
 Travel and Tourism Business Is A Trillion Dollar Industry And Growing

It Is Considered As One Of The Few
Recession-Proof Business

Have you notice in Facebook and Instagram that more and more of your friends are now traveling compared before? I stayed and travelled around  the Philippines for  over a year and noticed that more and more tourists are now visiting our country. And not just that- more and more Filipinos are now traveling around the country and even abroad. 

Even governments are now  improving and expanding our airport facilities because of the demands. Have you noticed that yourself the last time you went home to the Philippines? Even smaller cities and towns have now built new airports.

Tourism is now one of the major contributor to the economy of the Philippines.

Do you like traveling yourself? Do you wish you have extra cash so you can travel more too?

If you're answer is YES...Read on...

There's NO DOUBT that  power of the social media helped boost this tourism industry. You must experience this yourself when you see a friend posting in Facebook of their travel photos or when you see Vloggers posted their Travel Videos in Youtube- and people just instantly wants to visit those places as well.

I love Facebook and I love posting what I do in Facebook - DO YOU? Most Filipinos love social media a lot. There are actually 60 Million Filipinos in Facebook and  2.38 billion monthly active users worldwide .So one day- I asked myself- how can I actually earn money like bloggers, vloggers, online influencers since I spend a lot of time in Facebook. Did you ever ask yourself that question?

The Philippines is the top country worldwide for the most time spent on the internet.

                                                                   INTERESTING FACT:

The latest Digital 2019 report from Hootsuite and We Are Social shows that users from the Philippines spend an average of 10 hours and 2 minutes on the internet daily via any device.

Why Am I Telling You All Of These?
Here's my Question


So what is this telling you?

When I knew about these statistics- I was like - GOSH! That's CRAZY! But it's not hard to believe because I am guilty myself of spending too much time in the social media like Facebook and Instagram. As an OFW- I'm in Facebook a lot because I get to communicate with my family. Chika - chika kung baga. Sometimes, on my day off when I don't have anything to do and I don't feel like going out- I just spend almost all day online. And sometimes- I feel so guilty of being so UNPRODUCTIVE! 

But I remind myself it's ok to just relax on my days off since I work hard 5 days a week and sometimes- I work 6 days a week as a nurse and it's very very tiring!

Then one day- while I browsing on Facebook- I saw one of my  friend posted  in Facebook that he  just resigned from his corporate job as an Accountant to become a Full-Time Online Entrepreneur. 

I got curious what it means and so I decided to message him. I asked him what he's doing and how much he was earning.  At that time- he said he managed to earn over  3 MILLION PESOS in one year. He lives and works in the Philippines.

So I got my calculator  and computed it- that's like 250,000 Pesos per month! That's more than what I am earning as a nurse abroad. 

WOW! Now I got more curious and asked him more questions! He said-if you want to learn more about it- JUST GIVE IT A TRY.  The investment is not that much- it's LESS THAN  10,000 pesos so there's nothing much to lose for me if it will not work for me.

 But if it will - then maybe this is it! It will give me more freedom that I have been dreaming of .The options in life like working less or working anywhere I want but earning the same amount of money or more, traveling more and  spending more time with my family in the Philippines.

And I'm So Glad I Gave It A TRY!

 I've learned the SECRETS of doing REAL business online. 


How to sell without being “sales-y” or “pushy” or without annoying my friends and family to buy from                        me yet earn  like an OFW's income


How To Build Your Brand and Trust Online Even If  You Have  No Business Experience


How To Use Automated Tools and Set Up Facebook Ads That Will Bring Unlimited Inquiries, Prospects and Income

Knowing All These Skills Gave Me Confidence To Become  An   Entrepreneur 

Here's The Benefits Of Becoming One

  • angle-right
    Work at home or anywhere in the world.
    Imagine that one day,no more setting up of alarm clocks and you don't need to drive or commute to work and spend hours in traffic.As long as you have your mobile phone, laptop, and internet connection- you can work anytime and anywhere. Even if you're just in your  pajamas.
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    Have More Quality Time  With Your Loved Ones.
    Having more freedom of time means you can decide how to spend your day or week or months. I love  that I can stay in the Philippine  for many months with my family without worrying for annual leaves.  I finally spent Christmas in the Philippines after 8 years of being abroad.  I know it's crazy.Natatakot kais akong umuwi sa Pinas pag Christmas dati kasi sobrang magastos. Imagine that  one day- you will have that kind of freedom too.
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    Have the Capacity to Earn while You're Sleeping with the Use of Tools and Automation.
    According to one of the richest man in the world- Warren Buffet -  If you don't learn how to make money while you sleep, then you will work until you DIE! This is by far the best benefit once you learn the skills of being an online entrepreneur.  It may takes months to weeks or months to learn all this but ask yourself how long did you have to study just to get a decent job?


Sa panahon ngayon there are also options na available sa mga totoong desidido at pursigido para ma enjoy mo yung mga benefits and to make their dream life a reality.

One option is the Franchising business na kung saan Bibili ka ng isang done for you business system na katulad ng Jollibee or McDonalds Franchise.

-Meroon ng proven and tested system

-May training and standard operation ka na agad.

-May brand ka nang ma le leverage agad

- May Ready Saleable Profitable Products and  Services ka na.

Basically andoon na lahat ng kailangan mo .

Gagamitin mo na lang ang system at susundan mo nalang yung ituturo nila saiyo.

Having a FRANCHISE like Jollibee or McDonalds is a DREAM but sadly not everyone can afford it as you will need over 20-30 Million PESOS to start.

Many would like to do a Franchising Business but for the usual idea of Franchising comes with Big Capital, but NOT in StarLegends Adventures Travel & Tours.

Normally, to franchise and set up a Travel and Tours Business or any Traditional Business Franchise like food cart or salon and spa will cost  300,000-1,000,000. I know it very well because we own and run a traditional business as a family.

It's a good business but not all OFWs can afford  to do this -and even if they have the capital- it's hard to start without a team or people that you can trust to help you run the business while you are abroad. I am very lucky I have my sisters working with me to run and grow our business. But paano kung wala ka pang team? Paano ka pwedeng mag simula ng business kung raming dapat gawin para maka pag simula?

I always advice people to start small muna. And importante is you start something and take a small risk.


You Can Start Your Own Home/Online Travel & Tour Business At A Very Minimal Capital


*5000 or more Worldwide Low Cost Airline Ticketing (Domestic & Int'l)
*Domestic & International Tour Packages
* Domestic & International Hotel/Accommodations
*Visa & Passport Assistance
*Ferries "Ocean Jet"
*Bus Transports
*All Network Mobile E-Loading Business in Philippines

StarLegends Adventures Dashboard with 

*Step by Step Training Online
*Modules & Guidelines
*Live Online Mentoring/Coaching
*Ready Marketing Tools & Materials

Access to our exclusive group of vigorous & excellent Leaders to help and guide you .


THE COMPANY ALSO OFFERS AFFILIATE PROGRAM to Earn Unlimited Commission from 500, 1000, 7500, 50000 up to 1 Million Pesos 

-No Stress On Legal Permits 

- No Overheads Pay 

-No Shop Rent 

- Small Capital that can multiply a million times 

- Customer Support

-Exclusive Team Support 

-NO Balance Required

�Potential Income: 15,000 Pesos up to 1 Million Pesos Per Month or more…



"When this opportunity came up and was offered in public, I didn’t think twice! 

Where in the world you could ever find a company that would give you the ultimate experience of having your own Travel Business plus the chance of earning unlimited income without even going outside your doorsteps? This business package comes up with FREE Support Team and the A-Z training module that makes everything easy to give my own clients the satisfaction of booking their dream vacations. We do not just offer cheap airfares but we offer a world-class quality service that you would want to come back again and again. That doesn’t stop there...Now that I have my own system, my adventure of travelling the world every 3-4 months will be a lot easier than it was before. Joining the Starlegends Adventures Travel & Tours is a great start to becoming your own boss."

Aya Sharel Ventura

Teacher/Entrepreneur/Coach /Traveller

"This opportunity changed my life big time.

 It is a dream come true to have my own Travel and Tours business, and the beauty of this opportunity is that, I can just do it at the comfort of my home. Plus having a Step by Step training and Support team make it more easier for me as a newbie to do this effectively. An awesome company and awesome business partners that are helping each other. A lifetime business with an unlimited income opportunities that would lead me to become my own boss. Financial abundance and time freedom is on my way. And I am so excited to fulfill my passion to travel and explore places using my very own travel and tours All-In-One System that offers Low Cost Airfares, Holiday Packages, Accommodations and more. Making my dreams come true and helping my family at the same time is the best fulfillment ever. Dream and make it happen!"

Clara Blanche Naybay
-Employee &  Start Up Entrepreneur

“Can you ever have too many testimonials?"

“It's a fair question: can you have too many testimonials?

The answer is: you can, but the problem is usually not the amount but the quality of the testimonials. If you have good, enthusiastic and real testimonials that mention specific details and benefits, don't shy away from adding 10, 15, 20 or even more to the page.

Just don't add a ton of boring or generic testimonials.

Marilou De Leon
OFW Housemaid /Travel Business Owner


A Few More Testimonials to Prove it Works for Real People



About the Author

I worked as a full- time nurse in New Zealand for over 8 years and there are a lot of times when I felt exhausted. I love being a nurse but the job can be so tiring and stressful so I decided to explore entrepreneurship.I'm glad I did as it gave me more options in life although I made so many mistakes and lost a lot of money doing trial and error but I've learned a lot. You don't have to make the same mistakes I made.

I consider online business is a low risk yet reward  business. It's a great way to start for OFWs looking for real business opportunities that is long term. It doesn't require a big capital but the potential to grow is high if you commit to it.Once you will learn the real strategies on how to make money online, you can apply this to any businesses you want to start in the future.

Are You Too Scared To Start? Baka Di Mo Makaya? Or Maybe This Is Not For You?

You can never tell if it will work for you or not unless you try. May mga tao ganun, ay hindi yan para saken so all their life. Can you imagine doing the same thing  in the next 30- 40 years of your life?

According to  Robert Kiyosaki, successful entrepreneur, financial advisor, and investor, "Your Full-Time Job Is Your Comfort Zone. You get your wage weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.  But, Real Financial Independence and Time Freedom, if that's what you are aiming for, is not going to be achieved from being just employed."

The journey to entrepreneurship is fun and exciting. I'm not asking you to resign from your job- that's too risky! But here you have a chance to start something without risking too much. The journey will also mold you to become a better version of you.

Is this Real Or Is It  An Online  Scam?

Our Company Is Legally Registered As A Business in the Philippines and It Is Even A Multi Awarded Company.

I know there's so many online business opportunities out there and they also have big promises. Promises that are too good to be true-na your will earn kahit wala kang gagawin. Remember this-in any real and long term business. May gagawin talaga but  this is doable with the help of technology and the internet, you can work and earn anywhere and anytime. 

Our  Big Advantage From Other Companies

To be honest, there's are other companies offering the same All-in-One Travel Portal but the BIG advantage here in our company is our strong community where we help each other grow.We get a chance to connect and share our experiences and strategies.

In our community , we've been grow from having Zero Knowledge and Experience sa business to a confident business owners and coaches helping others.

 Aside from owning your All-in-One Travel Portal, you will get a Step by Step Training Modules in our system where you can access it anywhere and anytime. 

No need to go to anywhere to attend training or seminar para matuto ka and you can review it as many times as you like.

We also learn real online marketing strategies and automation to reach our clients .

Here's a "What You Get" 


*5000 or more Worldwide Low Cost Airline Ticketing (Domestic & Int'l)
*Domestic & International Tour Packages
* Domestic & International Hotel/Accommodations
*Visa & Passport Assistance
*Ferries "Ocean Jet"
*Bus Transports
*All Network Mobile E-Loading Business in Philippines

StarLegends Adventures Dashboard with 

*Step by Step Training Online
*Modules & Guidelines
*Live Online Mentoring/Coaching
*Ready Marketing Tools & Materials

Access to our exclusive group of vigorous & excellent Leaders to help and guide you .



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