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Crestine Carson

Hey it's Crestine Carson here and before anything else, I want to say " Thank You" for subscribing to my emailing list and thank you for giving me an opportunity to help you.

I said that I will guide you and help you start a plan so you can achieve your DREAM of eventually coming home for good to be with your family and not work abroad as an employee all your life. There's more to life that being employed!

I'm really happy that you took the first step because.....


Every DREAM SHOULD  have a corresponding AMOUNT.

So what do I mean by that? Simple, if you want to get your dream house, then you should know how much you should save to be able to buy it.

So if you need want to go home and stop working abroad, you need to plan how much you need to be able to do that.

Your Plan Should Be  SMART!

S = specific M= measurable A= attainable R= realistic T= time bounded

I will never suggest you resign from your job straight away and start a business!

That's too SCARY and RISKY!!

Here's what I did,I started planning and started looking for other opportunities to create other income aside from job.

First thing you can do for now is a get a notebook and start writing down you plans with the corresponding amount.

 I will be emailing you every Sunday to give you more guide. Slowly , one step at a time. Make sure to check my email every Sunday.

​I wanna say thank you again for connecting.

​Kindest regards,

Crestine Carson

May you live a happy healthy and abundant life.

 The Truly Rich Lifestyle

​P.S 1 I will also email an ebook that I've been working on right now  " 4 Ways To Earn Real Passive Income" as soon as it's finish.