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Thoughts For The Holy Week

FULLTANK: (Warning–You may be in big danger.) Do you believe in your own lies?

When I watched this video this morning, it definitely made me think. All of us had blindspot and I would love people to tell me what they don’t like or “hate” ( such a harsh words though) about me…..I know I have a lot of weaknesses…Though I prefer it will be communicated in a kind and thoughtful way ….

I love posting here in Facebook and I really hope it doesn’t look like I’m bragging? Like Bro. Bo‘s example in this video. My blog site The Truly Rich Lifestyle is about enjoying the finest and beautiful things in life without spending too much….That comes along with my tagline – Inspiring OFWs (like me) to live a happy healthy and abundant life…

Like watching the sunrise and the sunsets . .. Or walking to the beach or park….it’s FREE…

Or cooking a restaurant quality meal at home and plating it well – 80% discount compared to going to restaurants except my husband has to wash the dishes OR staying is a beautiful yet smaller boutique hotel rather than 5-star hotel OR wearing designer’s clothes from NZSale – price is range is from $5-80 or even opshopping- Op Shops are like a goldmines for me…OR startingmy own garden so we can eat organic veges and fruits… OR watching Youtube videos and exercise rather than going to the gym….OR driving a second-hand car rather than a brand new one…

The reason why I do this is that I want to save as much as I can and invest more and grow our wealth in the near future … .Growing wealth is not just about accumulating  money but to use money to serve more people… my family and loved ones, the people that I want to help. Let’s all admit that money is not everything but it affects our lives .  I want to be able to contribute something t0 make the world a better place to someone….

I pray to God so He will guide me and I will stay true to my purpose….

I’m inviting you this Holy Week to have some quiet times with God and discover your real purpose in this world.

You can watch Kerygma TV through Facebook or Youtube or Bro. Bo’s Full tank to gain more wisdom.

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God Bless Always!

Crestine Carson

I’m Crestine Carson. I would love to inspire you to live a happy, healthy, and abundant life. It's my dream to inspire Overseas Filipino Workers to experience REAL HAPPINESS and SUCCESS in all aspect of your life. I believe everybody deserves to enjoy a Truly Rich Lifestyle. Read my blogs The Truly Rich Lifestyle.

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