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RN Lovely Crestine


I invited my friend Lovely to help me assist you in any way we can.

Lovely is also a Registered Nurse in New Zealand, and we are partners in crime.Like me, she's also passionate about doing something to make positive changes in someone's life.

We want to share with you our experiences in New Zealand as immigrant nurses.​Like you, we've been through a lot too! We also had our struggles when we started, we made mistakes and learned from those mistakes, and we achieved success in different areas of our lives.

Let us know how we can help make your transition as a nurse easier in New Zealand.​ The things that you need a bit of help, like passing IELTS or OET, writing your CV and cover letters to get a job, preparing for interviews , etc.

We will do our best to give you  information that may help you or connect you to the people that can help you the best way possible.​

We will also share to you some inspirational stories through videos or blogs to help you look at the brighter side when it seems so dark and gloomy .

Help you move from Camp Sawi to Camp Wagi! :-)​

You're in New Zealand now and you have have spent thousands of pesos or probably millions to come here so there's no turning back! Here's our message for you.

Never Never Never Give Up!

Kindest regards,

Lovely Crestine​

P.S. We'll do our best to send you some emails in your inbox so keep an eye on it and read it. Send us an email at Cheers!​