The Truly Rich Club Wants You To Take ACTION!

I’m HAPPY that you finally found the TREASURE MAP! Well, I call the Truly Rich Club my treasure map! It's because they guided me all the way to my journey to SUCCESS! Through their close mentoring, I’m growing in many aspects in my life including my FINANCIAL LIFE. It’s because I took ACTION! I use my TREASURE MAP wisely. The great thing about the Truly Rich Club is that they don’t just give you the map – they even read it to you, interpret it  for you and even give you a ride to the location where the treasure is!ALL you have to do is just HOP IN . Join the Truly Rich Club Quick Start Implementation Seminar! Live in PICC on the 14th of August 2016 2pm-5pm. If you’re an OFW.  Don’t worry! There’s a LIVE STREAMING so you can join in wherever you are in the world!

What Will You Learn ??

Here’s a glimpse of what you will get when you attend the TRC QuickStart Plus:

· The Truly Rich Club will help you open a COLFinancial account and teach you how to buy stocks online.

· You will learn how to enjoy ALL the benefits of the TrulyRichClub

· You can meet other new members of the TrulyRichClub.

· And Many More!

How To Reserve A Seat For The LIVE EVENT

Learning investment for the QUICK START PLUS+ IMPLEMENTATION SEMINAR would usually cost thousands, but if you’re a TrulyRichClub member, it's totally FREE! However, you would still have to make a refundable deposit of P200 ONLY seminar fee—as a token that you’re really serious in coming. Reason for this seminar fee is for Venue reservation. We’ve had not-so-happy experiences where we had a lot of sign-ups, but only a few show-up; If we don’t charge, we won’t be able to differentiate the committed and the non-committed. If you come, we will reimburse your P200; Otherwise, NO REFUND. For non-members, you pay a very small P200 ONLY non-refundable fee.