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Meeting the Masterminds @ The Truly Rich Club Entrepreneurs Workshop

I paid P12, 975 for a 2 – Day Live Event, was it worth it?

It was a perfect timing! I was just meant to be there. The Truly Rich Club Entrepreneurs Workshop was on during my 16 days visit in the Philippines to see my mom and celebrate a very special moment with the family. So I grabbed the opportunity to join the event in Manila and adjusted my schedule. It cost me P12,975 for a two -day live event workshop with a promise of helping us start a business in 7-14 days. Was it worth my money and time? Well, the event was presented by “The Dean” and a number of Bro. Bo’s business mentors. ”. Dean Pax Lapid is a very successful entrepreneur, a former Dean in Entrepreneurs School of Asia, and a Professor of Asian Institute of Management (AIM). And for years now, he’s supported Joey Concepcion in making the Go Negosyo movement grow all over the country and the world. Butz Bartolome, the Philippine Franchise Guru was there. Tess Dimaculangan, Angelpreneur for Finance Accounting and Taxation at Go Negosyo shared to us about one of the most important part of business accounting and cash flow in a motherly way. Carlo Calimon talked about Product Development. Dean called him the hunk among the mentors and he’s the expert in Digital Marketing, owner at GoSee and Co-Founder and CMO at MobKard. Jorge Noel Wieneke, owner of Tokyo Tempura, and Paolo Tibig, President of VCargo were also present. Bro. Bo Sanchez was also there to give us a short inspirational talk alongside Edward Lee, the founder of the COL Financial which the fastest growing online stockbroker in the Philippines.

I used to just watch their online videos and TV Shows and read their business articles in Newsletters and Newspapers which really helped me transform my life and give me courage to start a business and dare to dream big. I’ve said this many times but I’ll never get tired of saying it again and again, just how Truly Rich Club changes our lives in many ways. I was a little nervous and really excited to see and them. The workshop was not just informative; it was very practical but the most important thing, inspirational. Dean and our mentors did their best to summarize the basic and most important things one has to know about business and it made it easier for beginners like us to grasp it. He said that the easiest stage is starting a business when everyone thought it’s the hardest.

We were asked to make a business plan and present it to our mentors on the second live event which was held just 14 days after the first one. I chose to present our growing family business Shake’n Slurp. I wanted to help the company grow so we can help more OFW families like me. We started the business 2 years ago .The mindset that I have developed being a member of the Truly Rich Club for 2 years helped us big time to get started. Looking back, we started so small. We started the business to help a family member make ends meet, and now we’re steadily growing with God’s abundant blessings. We want to grow larger, so I wanted to hear the best advice from the Masterminds of the Truly Rich Club being they are the best entrepreneurs in the country. I feel that every word and every line they give us is priceless. It’s their WISDOM from their many years of experience.

I was feeling so nervous the whole time while I waited for my turn as the mentors gave their honest opinion and advice to each presenter.  Dean is definitely a mentor and a tormentor! Sometimes he tells us the words that we don’t want to hear. It’s hard to admit being wrong especially in front of many people but it was such a humbling experience. I was ready to hear anything from them if it means it will help me become a better entrepreneur and help our company grow. It felt like I was whipped by the Dean but it taught me a great lesson. Marco Victoria, business daddy of the Truly Rich Club said that it is a privileged to be whipped by the Dean. So yeah, I feel so privileged, and the good thing is we stay connected through facebook and we talk to them like our mothers and fathers.

I was also very inspired by one of the attendees Nina Bacani. She started Sweet Angels a few months ago and she was featured on TV, Unang Hirit for her Pastillas Crinkles. She’s been a member of the Truly Rich Club for many years and she’s sharing her success stories just like thousands of Filipinos. It’s definitely life changing. And that’s the reason I have this burning desire to share it to the world. One day, I dream to become one of the Masterminds.

I wish I have more time in the Philippines so I can join their events regularly and hang out more with the masterminds so I can learn from them. But I have to the leave the workshop early to catch my flight back to New Zealand so I can be with my beloved husband Derisly Andrew Carson to celebrate his 40th Birthday. According to Sir Butz, family comes first yan ang rule for successful entreps! That’s our culture in the Truly Rich Club, we grow our wealth so we can LOVE and GIVE more.

Crestine Carson

I’m Crestine Carson. I would love to inspire you to live a happy, healthy, and abundant life. It's my dream to inspire Overseas Filipino Workers to experience REAL HAPPINESS and SUCCESS in all aspect of your life. I believe everybody deserves to enjoy a Truly Rich Lifestyle. Read my blogs The Truly Rich Lifestyle.

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  1. Jackie

    Such an inspiration Crestine. I am watching the live webinar and just like what you said only after 2years you will realize all of this when you’re home for vacation. I just came back from Philippines, and I had the same feeling and I’m 24years old now.. Your story is inspiring same as you I follow Bro. Bo.. I should really join TRC. Keep it up..

  2. Hi Jackie! Thank you! It makes me feel so happy that I’m able to share my stories to inspire OFW like me….Please do join Truly Rich Club, it can change your life if you use it well.

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