When You’re Feeling Frustrated With Life : READ THIS

There are many times in my life when my plans didn’t go as planned and I get really frustrated and anxious yet I recover fast and I learn to let go and believe that there’s something better waiting for me.

The different season of life reminds me to- Let Go and Let God.

We go through the different season of life where things change naturally and we just can’t force things – the only way is to let go, have a rest and prepare for a greater harvest.

It’s Autumn again here in New Zealand where the trees and plants are starting to turn yellow and orange- it’s so beautiful to look at just like this photo- yet it means- the plants are actually dying in a way or going into rest. So if you’re feeling so frustrated and anxious- it’s a reminder that you need time to let go, rest, revive your energy so you can clear your mind. When your mind is clear and your body is rested- amazing ideas and opportunities will come.

I love this line a lot…

When we learn to embrace each season in our lives, we appreciate it’s beauty more and more.

“Trust the wait. Embrace the uncertainty. Enjoy the beauty of becoming. When nothing is certain, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE

Crestine Carson

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