You Only Live Once


You Only Live Once or #YOLO – do you agree? Well, I guess you will unless you’re an alien or a mutant or a cat with 9 lives. I know I WILL ONLY LIVE ONCE- so I ask myself, what should I do with my life? I did not have a clear answer to myself many years ago.

How about you? Do you have a clear answer?

Or did you ever use this phrase to give you an excuse to indulge, overspend, and just do whatever that’s fun and exciting?

I went to this stage when I was younger for sure.

My photo above taken in 2010 when I’m not really sure what I want. I thought I wanted to be a model so I joined STAR NOW and I agreed to have a photoshoot with an International Photographer to create a portfolio.

Well, I really love the photos he took- he’s a good photographer for sure. That was also the time when I’m living the #YOLO life. I felt so independent when I started to earn real money for myself as a nurse here in New Zealand.

My problems on weekends at that time was – what should I wear this weekend when I go out clubbing? O which club should we go to?

I even remembered getting so drunk and end up in the emergency department due to alcohol intoxication- the most embarrassing moment in my life for sure.

I was just living day to day – going to work 5 days a week, earn a decent amount of money as a nurse abroad, set aside something for savings and send some money to help my family –  then look for something fun and relaxing to do. This could be dining, shopping, partying and traveling.

Then I had a big REALIZATION on my first holiday in the Philippines when I went home for her graduation. I shared this in my blogs and videos many times. When I spent all my savings and accumulated some credit card debts on my first holiday in the Philippines with my family- I spent around 500,000 php in just one month.   I was happy I was able to afford to spend for them and take them for a vacation and treat to a nice restaurant-  but that was just for a month.

And when I got back to New Zealand- as most OFW says- BACK TO REALITY- but now with ZERO SAVINGS and DEBTS.  So I asked myself- what if this will be the scenario in the next 10 or 20 years of my life? Does it mean I’m going to end up with not much when I’m older? I know a lot of people- a lot of former OFWs too-  in their 50’s  60’s or 70’s and they don’t have much to live on- and they end up relying on their children after working so hard for many years.

I did not want to be like that. Do you? Can you imagine that will be your life in the future?

YES,  You Only Live Once  BUT there’s this thing called #YAGO – You Also Grow Old. 

I didn’t know anything about investing at that time. I did not have any long term plans at that time.  I was just going to work to earn money- help my family by sending remittance that’s not really enough to change their lives in a  deeper and bigger way.

I’m grateful for anything that happened in my life -the good and the bad – and yeah especially those bad ones that brought me some great lessons in life. It opened my mind- and fast forward now- my directions are very clear – and

I’m not anxious about the future anymore – I feel like I’m out of the rat race when I’ve learned about setting aside small investments through the stock market for my future.

I work hard and enjoy life a lot- in fact, I enjoy life more now as it is more meaningful. I enjoy not just the big accomplishments and success but the small things every day – my favorite – the sunrise and the sunset.

So YES -#YOLO is it! You Only Live Once – so why not enjoy the most of it and enjoy the small of things in life that matters each day.

Thanks to my favorite mentor for inspiring me to gain financial wealth and spiritual abundance at the same time through the Truly Rich Club.

May you live  the truly rich lifestyle


Crestine Carson

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Crestine Carson

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